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Be Part Of The NBC Weight Loss Phenomenon !

The Biggest Loser Club diet & fitness program used on TV - personalized to your goals!

Get online access to the same diet and fitness program the contestants used - personalized just for you and your specific lifestyle. This program incorporates a sensible meal plan and exercise. You will get daily meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, instant feedback, animated fitness demos, online journal, weekly newsletter, interaction with club members and the motivation to make it all work.

Do you get excited and feel motivated when the Biggest Loser is on tv. Now you can keep feeling that encouragement long after the season finale. The Biggest Loser diet and fitness program works and will keep working long after you have dropped the pounds. If you want a weight loss program that is healthy and sensible, The Biggest Loser Club has all the tools to do it right online so you can get started today.

The cost of the Biggest Loser Club online is $19.95 per month, which is the same price as other online programs like Weight Watchers and eDiets. This is a month to month membership but if you sign up for more than a month there are plenty of Bonuses!

So what are you waiting for?

Get started now! Click here for The Biggest Loser Club

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